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Individual Therapy


Individual therapeutic services are provided to people of all ages. These services are one-on-one between the patient and therapist and focus on skill building, promoting introspection, and personal growth. The goal is to help the individual reduce negative emotional reactions (e.g. anxiety, depression, stress) and improve overall stability by bringing about positive changes.   

Couple's Therapy


Marriage & Family Therapists have an advanced degree in couple’s therapy and are trained to do couple’s work. We offer various couples counseling services based on the state of your relationship and your needs that include: premarital/newlywed counseling, couples/relationship counseling, and discernment counseling. The main goal of couple’s therapy is to increase intimacy, trust, and build a stronger more supportive connection while promoting positive communication patterns within the couple. 

Family Therapy


Family therapy is aimed at helping the family function in a more positive and constructive way by exploring patterns of communication, family dynamics and structure, and providing support and education. Family therapy can include the child or adolescent, siblings, parents/guardians, caregivers and other members of the family that play supportive roles in order to develop healthy, loving relationships, and increase positive communication and trust.

Group Therapy


Group psychotherapy is a special form of therapy that includes a small number of people who meet together to help themselves and each other. The group meets under the guidance of trained mental health professional(s). Group therapy is a more affordable option to psychotherapy that offers a special dynamic in which you are able to share problems and concerns, to better understand your own situation, and to learn from and with each other in a healthy, safe, and supportive environment. For a list of current therapeutic groups please

Clinical Assessments


Clinical assessments are conducted during your initial psychotherapeutic appointment as part of the comprehensive process for obtaining services. The goal of the clinical assessment is to evaluate the patient in order to adequately diagnose and create a treatment plan. The clinical assessment includes a clinical interview, patient observation, written evaluation of findings, treatment recommendations, psycho-education, and clinical debriefing of results.

Psychological Testing


Ruiseñor Psychological offers a wide range of psycho-diagnostic testing including IQ/Achievement tests, neuropsychological assessment, cognitive assessment, and assessment of personality for children and adults. Doctoral level clinicians with neurological and psycho-diagnostic training conduct comprehensive evaluations that include comprehensive testing, clinical interview, patient observation, written evaluation of findings, treatment recommendations, psycho-education, and clinical debriefing of results.

Forensic Services


Forensic Assessments are a type of evaluation that involves a legal matter. In a legal context, a psychologist can provide a number of valuable services that includes and is not limited to: divorce litigation, competency to stand trial, sentencing, not guilty by reason of insanity, expert witness services, jury selection, providing consultation to attorneys regarding psychological and neuropsychological elements of a case, custody evaluations, and court-ordered evaluation. Please contact us with specific questions and for pricing.

Community Seminars
& Classes


As part of our continuing efforts to be one of the leading mental health resources within the community, we feel it is imperative that we share our knowledge by providing clinical and educational expertise to community members, our partners, and other mental health professionals. For a list of current community seminars or classes please 

Consultation Services


The staff at Ruiseñor Psychological is available to provide consultation services to other mental health professionals, community agencies, school staff, and law enforcement. Our staff can contribute by helping implement mental health services or by transforming an existing program and service into a high-quality performer. Consultation services are designed to help resolve challenges, promote models, and develop strategies to aid in the treatment and support of individuals undergoing emotional distress. Please submit a request to or contact us by phone at: (805) 332-3260.​

Public Speaking Engagements & Media


As mental health experts, Dr. Ruiz and her staff are available to provide interviews, as needed for media outlets, as well as conduct presentations and trainings on a variety of mental health topics to mental health workers and lay professionals.  Please submit a request to or contact us by phone at: (805) 332-3260.

Immigration Services 


Dr. Ruiz is a member of the Assylum Network at Physicians for Human Rights and has experience with evaluating immigrant survivors of torture and trauma. Dr. Ruiz conducts psychological evaluations, documents trauma and other human rights abuse for forensic documentation in the immigration process.  Immigration assessments include a completed affidavit and oral testimony in court.

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