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Who We Are

Ruiseñor Psychological is a multidisciplinary resource for consumers, mental health professionals and paraprofessionals in the behavioral health treatment and recovery services in Santa Maria and the central coast. Established by Dr. Dalia Ruiz in 2016, Ruiseñor Psychological emphasizes cultural competence and evidenced based foundations in all clinical services and professional training seminars.


What We Do

Building on the rich history and principles of social justice, cultural competence in clinical practice, and community engagement Ruiseñor Psychological strives to improve the quality of culturally informed behavioral health interventions and reduce disparities in service delivery by facilitating alliances with “frontline” behavioral health counselors, local public schools, faith-based organizations, behavioral health community agencies, and consumers. By connecting them to the latest research in culturally informed, evidenced based interventions through activities such as skill building, community support, conferences, and workshops, Ruiseñor Psychological responds to the emerging behavioral health needs of Santa Maria and the surrounding communities of the central coast. 

Mission and Vision

  • To accelerate the adoption of best practices of evidenced-based behavioral health interventions and services.

  • To increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills of the workforce that addresses the needs of people with behavioral disorders.

  • To foster local and regional alliances among culturally diverse behavioral health practitioners, researchers, funders, and mental health recovery communities.

Ruiseñor Psychological serves as the local and regional subject matter expert and key resource for the workforce that provides culturally informed treatment and support services to reduce behavioral health disparities among Latino populations. Ruiseñor Psychological is responsible for developing culturally informed and linguistically responsive interventions to strengthen the skills and capabilities of the workforce that provides direct behavioral health treatment and support services for this population. This in turn promotes the development and increase of professionals and paraprofessionals trained to provide support services to Latinos.

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